This is how you can make Mother’s Day special for your Mom.

Mother. No dictionary in this world could define what all this word means and entails. It surrounds within its ambit the immense sacrifice of self, the multitude spectrum of love, care, concern, fear, hope, faith and an indefatigable and invincible belief in her kids. With so much of selfless offerings what do we have is just one day marked for saluting her unflagging spirit. This mother’s day let us just show how much she means to us by putting up a scintilla of efforts. #mothersday


1. Cook for her: She does this all the time for you. Be it chilling winter or sweat dripping hot and humid summers. You ask for it and she is all set to fill your tummy with her yummy and scrumptious meals. Time to repay some of those countless debts. You never know how much she would love it when you would be cooking her a meal. Make sure to clean the mess later lest you should annoy her in the course.


2. Take her out: Well if cooking is not your forte then make sure you take her out today for a lunch or a dinner. It simply stems from the fact that she needs to be out of the kitchen to which she is cooped daily otherwise. Take her to a fine restaurant and order her favorite dish.


3. Mother for a mother: You know how much you love your mother likewise she loves hers’ too. Time to pack your bags and go to your granny’s place. She would be surprised by this sudden turn of events as she re lives some of her old days again. If your granny is not in the same town atleast make her call her mother over video call and bridge the gap.


4. Come home my child: Are you one of those kids who has to live in a different town or a city as your parents await your return from festival to festival. Make an honest attempt if you can to travel home and surprise her just as she did by coming to your hostel with a big cake when it was your birthday. Nothing could be a better gift to her than simply her child by her arms.


5. Talk to her endlessly: so you’re not away but always with her. So you cannot surprise her by making a surprise visit. What’s next? While we are so much engulfed by this monstrous wave of social networks in our hectic life which itself is trapped between the claws of office work and Smartphone, we have lost one of the most credible form of stress buster inherent in us. Talks. Leave aside your Smartphone for a day at least and talk endlessly to your mum. Tell her your plans and your aims and listen from her- her side of story. Talk and talk and talk.


6. Gifts: However much you may try nothing could beat the essence that her kid is with her all the time, listens to her, loves her (slightly more than his wife..wink), but a small token of appreciation for her would be even more loved and welcoming.


She may not be all for us, but for her we are all that she needs. She may not be a complete solution to all our problems, but she says we make her complete. We may forget to call her amid our busy schedules, but she remembers us in her every prayer. Being woman is the best thing that can happen, but being a mother is better than the best. Here are loads of hugs and kisses to all the mothers from all their children on this Mother’s day, coz a life with her..well thatslyf.

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