These Things We See Only During Diwali…

The victory of good over evil has taken place. Lord Rama is on his way back to Ayodhya. Goddess Laxmi is waiting for the lights to glitter so that she can find your house and settle there. Diwali has umpteen connotations but celebrating the same has a few. The gifts that we receive come from just a handful of choices. Year after year we see the same old things coming our way.

Thatslyf thought to list here things that we see only during the Diwali and never round the year. Have a look.

1. Soan Papdi: Not another box of Soan Papdi. No. Please or else I may have to file a petition with supreme court to make gifting Soan Papdi a punishable offence. From the biggest box to the smallest one, from the Kesar flavored to the chocolate one Soan Papdi is one heck of gift that everyone seems to be adamant at giving. Seriously guys give me a break.


2. Dry Fruits: Come to think of it, these are not so bad after all. Dry fruits are acceptable in any form. From the roasted to the non-roasted ones, from the plain and crisp to the salted cashews. But flooding the house with the same…duh. Why do the mary go round with those little cashews and almonds from one’s house to another’s and one’s plate to another’s.


3. Pollution: Well we know what and where India ranks when compared to other countries in the list of highly polluted countries but these media and news channel will never forget to remind us that all the pollution that has so far been in this world is due to the crackers that we burst just one night. As if the cars, those outdated buses and autos are innocent as a child and only the crackers must be hanged till death. Where is the AnaarBum, guys?


4. Heavy Discounts: I wish these were not limited to just one time period of the year but spread throughout. Why 80% off on Diwali and 180% price rest of the year? This bumper sale, that mega offer, this discount that Diwali Dhamaka. Heavy discounts attract women to the market like flowers attract bees. The poor husbands are left nothing but to celebrate their Diwalas while their wives celebrate the Diwali. Lol.


5. Diwali Scrap: These news channels must be banned if they cannot show the truth. Agreed that Crackers cause a lot of scrap that makes the city dirtier and takes our Dear Mr. Modi’s efforts for a Swachh Bharat mission a little to the rear, but hey so does Durga Pooja, Ganesh Visarjan, MahaKumbh, Shraadh, do. All these make something or the other dirtier and unhealthy. Ban one Ban all or Ban none, That’s my stand.


6. Coca Cola Ad: Here is just another thing that we see only during Diwali. Well CocaCola and Cadbury celebrations sure know how to encash feelings and emotions of people. Don’t these advertisements give you goosebumps and make you feel like celebrating Diwali with Coca cola literally?

Coca Cola Ad_0

7. Cards Party: I am not much sure if all of you guys do this, but Cards party is also that game which the entire family plays only during the Diwali. Making our own little Las Vegas inside our drawing room and playing rummy and Flush, is simply the In thing every Diwali.


8. Relatives: Will you agree with me that there are a few relatives that we see only during Diwali. Some Neighbours, some unknown uncles and aunties, some distant cousins who we see either in their marriage or ours or at someone else’s gathering come flocking to our house with those clichéd SoanPapadis that someone else had flooded their house with. Happy Diwali Guys.


Some annoying, some beautiful, Diwali is Diwali. The intention behind those clichéd gifts is all that matters. Jokes and laughter, those leg pullings those merry making is all that counts. Be it Soan Papadi or Kaju Katli, Celebrate Diwali with happiness and spread the same. Be careful while lighting crackers. Thatslyf wishes all its readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

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