These 7 Stress-Busters Will Make You Love Your Life

Time to deal with STRESS!!


Stress, has these days become an imperative part of our life. I, you, we; we all are dealing with this widespread phenomenon of stress, with only the difference of level of stress we deal with. The stress causing agents are many. Stress can erupt from any event or even from a conversation. Irrespective of the reason from which stress was generated, consistent stress can be detrimental to your health and can even lead to nervous breakdowns, fatigue and anxiety. Dealing with stress has become an important life lesson in today’s life. Here are few tried and tested tips to get relief when you feel stressed out:

 Breathe it out


You know there is a connection between your burning thoughts and your breath. If you feel tight chested and feel anxious over some issues, you will tend to breathe really fast. In such a case, the best remedy is to slow down your breath in order to maintain a balance in your mind and then inhale at a count of 10. Hold the breath and then exhale. This will help you to control your worried thoughts and will put down the stress to some extent.

 Take a pause


When one is stressed out, he/she always end up reacting on every situation instead of responding. Often in stressful situations, we end up saying things or doing things that we often regret the very next moment. So, instead of reacting immediately, just take a pause to gather back. Get a little calmer and then say or do what you think is correct. Don’t let your anger defuse the power of your own glory.

 Put the music on


Music is indeed full of power and a great healer. Our mind and body is built with energy and music has the power to lift up our mood. Pick some uplifting music and lyrics to gain back the lost energy level. In the event of stress, never take the risk of listening to any sort of sad music or lyrics as that will ground you completely. Go for some positive and peppy music.

 Nature walk


A walk in the nature always has a calming effect on the stressed out folks. Sit on a beach or under the lush green cover of forest or simply stand at your balcony to hear the chirping birds. Just get out of the situation and allow the nature to heal you naturally. When you delve into nature, your thoughts improve and you start thinking about the reasons for the stress and the corrective measures for the same.

 Take the shower


When one looks for solutions, science has always offered something. Hydrotherapy can offer a number of benefits to your mind and body. Cold showers push the blood back to the organs of the body, causing a flush effect in liver, lungs and heart. This will help in calming you down and even reduce the level of stress.



Exercise and work out always make you feel good. When you work out, you focus on the activity you are doing and spend some time away from stress. By exercising, you get an excuse to become fit and connect with your body. You can take a walk, run, exercise, do yoga or ride a bicycle; this will help you to stay calm.

 Talk about it


If something is keeping you worried and giving you loads of stress, talk about it with a person who is closest to your heart. By talking, you will get time to recap the entire situation and get a chance to rethink and re-understand the situation, which may act as a stress buster. By narrating the entire stress causing situation, you can even find the root causes and corrective measures. Even if that closest person is the reason for stress, it is important to discuss it with them in order to keep the stress out of your life not only for today, but forever.


Stress will always be there in your life; but surrendering yourself to stress is nothing but a cowardly act. To deal with stress, stop thinking that you are a stressed out personality and never make others a victim of your stress. Stress is your own creation and you yourself need to surpass it for a better life. By making others a victim of your own stress, you are practically pushing away those who care for you. Never do that!

Thatslyf wishes its readers a stress-free life coz a stress free life is what we call thatslyf!!

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