You ask a female of any age bracket, what is the best part of shopping? The prompt reply you will hear would be ‘The bargaining’. Yes! The Indian women are adept at the skills of bargaining. The moment they step out for shopping, the bargaining keeda hits at them. There is a feeling of delight, when the shopkeeper succumbs to their bargaining skills and they emerge as the winner by buying the thing at the price quoted by them. I also went for a shopping spree, yesterday and I don’t know when and how I was also bitten by this bargaining keeda and I indulged in some fantastic shots of bargaining. This post is a thumbs up to all the ladies out there who are superb when it comes to bargaining and a must learn lesson for the girls who are new in the arena of bargaining. Read some of the exclusive dialogues we all females say to bring down the prices:

1.    ‘Bhaiya aap rate theek karo, dene wala rate batao’
Lol! This is one of my favourites of the entire bucket list. I often end up saying this to the shopkeeper bhaiiyya. The basic intention of this dialogue is that look, I like this commodity, but price is not getting down well with me. Even if the shopkeeper drops his price quote by INR 50, we will end up lifting that commodity.
2.    ‘Peeche wali shop mei same cheez kam price par hai’
Ahaan, it is a fact that we, females have a tendency of checking out at  numerous shops, before actually deciding to purchase. This way we have the price list of the different shops located in the particular market. So, it is our birth rate to compare the prices and then tell the shopkeeper about the price available in the previous shop. The shopkeeper also feels if he does not bring down the price, the customer will head for the previous shop. A nice trick indeed!!

3.    ‘Bhaiya, last week meri friend ne same liya usko kamm ka lagaya apne’
We girls, never abstain from comparing our dresses with our friends, so why should we feel ashamed of comparing the prices. When you tell the shopkeeper that your friend got for less, he gets an idea that this girl will definitely take this dress, but at a lesser price, same as her friend. So, it is not mandatory for your friend to buy the same before you, but it becomes essential for you to say this to bargain!!
4.    ‘ Hum chaar le rhe hai, ab toh price kamm krna hi chahiye’
Is it some one on one offer, like we have it on Dominos? Yes! When we tend to buy more than one, getting a slash down of the price becomes a fundamental right. We females, can never buy more than one thing in accordance with the price tag. A bargain has to be present to get a little curtailment in the prices, so that it acts as the bait for buying more.

5.    ‘Itne mei do, varna choddo’
The bargaining geniuses use this strategy when we are not that keen to buy the commodity, but can make a place for it in our shopping bag if we get it for a lesser price. So, after uttering this dialogue, the female simply walks off the shop pretending that she was just checking it out for the heck of it, and is in no mood to buy. The minute you do this, the shopkeeper comes down to your price and you get that not-so-important-commodity.

6.    ‘Chalo Bhaiya na aapka na mera, 500 mei de do’
We females are just fantastic, when it comes to bargaining. We deserve a standing ovation for it. When we sense out that the shopkeeper is not going to bow down to our price, we simply follow the midway approach. We gladly, convince him for a price which is neither his nor ours; somewhere in the middle. Most of the shopkeepers agree to the mean price and we get our shopping desire fulfilled.
7.    ‘Hamesha aapse hi lete hai’
With this dialogue, our dear females ask for the loyalty bonus. And according to me, they deserve it. Visiting one shop again and again and making purchases from it, when the market is flooded with similar appearing beautiful and tempting shops, is indeed a cumbersome task. Dear shopkeepers, do give discounts to your loyal brigade, they provide you word of mouth publicity.


Bargaining is not because it is in our habit, but because sometimes the prices quoted by the shopkeepers are way too high and also unmatched with the quality they provide. When it is about sarees and suits, the bargaining becomes an essential thing. Enjoy shopping and the flavour of bargaining…coz thats lyf!!
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