the fear factor

Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of the fear
The quote speaks volumes about how fear grinds our life to a full stop and how incapacitate it makes our heart and soul. The moment we think of taking a step forward, the feeling of fear makes us take several steps in the backward direction. We never realize how much harm the fear brings to us. Fears are nothing but a fabricated version of our thinking only. The fears serve no purpose and just acts as a hindrance in our path of attaining success. Let’s decode the several fear factors that we all have but are totally redundant:

    Fear of failure
This fear we all have experienced at one point of our life. Remember the examination time and job interviews, the moment we reach the venue, the fear that our heart used to experience was of getting a failure in our kitty. But have you ever asked your heart why it fears of getting failed even before trying in the first place? Why we fear of failing? This may be is because of the pressure that builds up in your mind when you see that particular interview or examination as your first and last opportunity. The moment you will stop putting too much emphasis on the result, that very moment you will lose the fear of failure. Always keep in mind, that a single failure can never decide your fate.greatest-barrier-to-success
    Fear of rejection
This feeling is not an alien to any one of us. The fear of being rejected is best felt when you are out with an intention of opening your heart to someone. This fear only causes an emotional blockage the moment you think of expressing your feelings, particularly the lovey dovey ones. This fear of getting rejected only creates a wall in the process of expressing what you truly feel. This fear should never sabotage the intention of expressing your honest heart, because there are always the equal chances of not getting rejected. Till the time you express, what you feel, you can’t even get accepted. And on the second thoughts, even if you get rejected, doesn’t matter, you should be proud of the fact that you had the guts to express your feelings.fear1
    Fear of success
Not many know, that even such a fear exists, but yes, those who have seen success, have experienced this strange fear of success. This silent fear is the fear of not being able to handle the success which knocks on one’s door and then living up to the success already achieved. After achieving something, the fear of sustaining it is not very easy to do away with. The moment you feel this fear, simply remember if you can reach up to this point on the success ladder, you certainly can, even go higher; all you need is to challenge yourself. Living in the fear of success is just not a way to cherish the success. fear2
    Fear of past
We all have a past which is filled with guilt, remorse and regrets. The unfulfilled tasks and promises or wrongdoing to near and dear ones give us sleepless nights. Our mind secretly fears that the past will have a bad impact on our present. The past keeps on haunting us and this fear grows with age. Remember, the past is past, it has no place in the present. Perhaps, you did something wrong in your past, but the feeling of remorse you have in your heart is enough to vanquish that fear of past. You need to forgive yourself for the mistakes you committed in the past and make sure you don’t repeat the same in the future. You can overcome the fear of past by stopping lingering upon it.

Fear is the unsaid insidious opponent, which seeks an entry in our lives unnoticed, but with the grip it creates, it makes our life miserable and finally we succumb to it. If you want to overcome your fear, just remember that fear is always unnecessary and the moment you decide to identify and overcome it, that is the beginning of a beautiful phase in your life. Block your fears and move forward towards your goals, coz thatslyf!!

Feel free to share your fear factors with us!

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