Shed those extra kilos with these tips..!!

‘Am I looking fat?’ You must have asked this question to your guy, at least a zillion times in a day, when you saw that extra flab on your skin. But to be very honest, even if you have gained some weight he will not utter a word, so as not to be the reason for your sadness. But it is only your responsibility to banish the fat and get into the right shape. Losing weight is neither a mystery nor a one night thing, it requires a substantial amount of time. Only with hard work, patience and dedicated efforts you can gain as well as flaunt that diva figure. Have a look at the nifty tips which can bring you much closer to your ideal weight goal:

ゆ    Accept and gear up
Ladies, I know it is not easy for you to accept the fact that you have got some extra flab on your skin, but to do away with those extras, you have to accept the hard fact. Only after this acceptance part you can be ready to work hard to get back into shape. But, please don’t hate yourself. Getting a little on and off the weighing scale is a part and parcel of life. Start with setting realistic goals for yourself; this clearly hint at boycotting all those crash diets and not reading articles which talks about losing weight in 7 days. Give your body the right quantum of time to lose the weight in a natural manner. You can start by setting the goal of shedding 2-3 kilos in a month span.

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ゆ    Exercise
Never shy away from exercises! Incorporate Cardio in your schedule. Make sure that you exercise for at least half an hour on a daily basis. Gradually, you can increase the time limit for exercises to nearly an hour. But make sure you do not skip the exercises on any day. Start your exercises with 2 minutes warm up and then move to crunches and stretching exercises. In case you are not aware about what all is done in the cardio routine, take help from YouTube videos.


After a round of stretching, spend 10 minutes on strength training. If you have dumbbells at your home, it is great, if not, then there is no dearth of alternatives. Heavy water bottles can act as a substitute for dumbbells; with this 10 minute exercise your arms, buttocks and abs will get into shape.

Go and walk! Yes! Walking is the key if you wish to lose weight. A 30 minute brisk walk can burn up to 140 calories. Isn’t it great? Walking not only burns the calories, but also, improves the metabolism level of the body. So, get your headphones, and go for a walk.

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ゆ    Food
Losing weight certainly does not apply not eating at all; instead it calls for healthy eating and dodging all those unhealthy food options from the daily routine. You are required to bring a small change in your eating habits. Add fruits, veggies, eggs and lentils to your diet. Keep potatoes and mangoes away for some time from your wishlist.

Say no to your favourite foods such as pasta, pizza, noddles and you also need to do a break up with your favourite restaurants. Remember, it is just for a short duration, nothing lasts forever!

The festive season is knocking at the corner, but you need to take a caution at the amount of your favourite sweets you eat. Don’t take a sanyaas from your sweet little things, simply just cut on the quantity.

Green tea is a great thing if weight loss is on your mind. If you take 2-3 cups of green tea in a day, you will lose the pounds much quicker and easier. The added advantage here is that green tea has no calorie of its own, so it is simply amazing for health.

Make the habit of drinking loads of water your ally for life. The logic is simple, when you drink a lot of water, you leave no space for extra food; this way you eat less and gain less.

Not many are aware of the fact that if you drink a sugarless coffee just one hour before your exercise routine, you can bring home wonderful results. Try it!

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ゆ    Balanced diet plan
‘Eat like a king in the morning and like a beggar in the night’, apply this adage to your diet plan. Make sure you take all the meals; you only have the option of inflating or deflating the quantity you take in. You can make a diet chart with the consultation of a reputed dietician.

ゆ    Indulge in sound sleep
Sleep! Yes sleep! If you take a full 8 hours sleep, there are bright chances of you losing weight instantly. The reason is that if the body gets proper rest, it can work more efficiently towards your weight loss regime. So cut on those romantic late night talks..!!!

ゆ    Take a break once a week
Following such diet plans every day is indeed a task. So, there is no harm in cheating on the routine once a week. You can simply decide a day, when you can eat what you love. Make sure you don’t over eat or indulge in such breaks more than once a week, as if you do like that, everything would be jeopardized.

None of the above tips, ask you to go an extra mile to lose that extra kilo. It just asks you to do a little alteration in your daily schedule. Always remember, you indeed are perfect the way you are! But looking better should always be on the wish list of everyone out there. If you start adapting to new things and make small-small sacrifices in your daily routine, you also can gain that killing look. Remain beautiful and stay fit, coz that’s lyf!

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