Selecting The Perfect Saree

You might often have encountered women wearing a saree which rather than complimenting their body type, highlights their problem areas. I have encountered quite a few females like that who remind me of overstuffed dolls wrapped in a long length of cloth. Such women fail to choose their saree wisely with the result that it not only spoils their own appearance but also ruins the overall grace and style of the saree they have wrapped themselves in.  Choosing the right saree that suits the unique shape of your body is extremely essential to get that diva look.
So, what is the right method of selecting a saree that actually helps you attain an elegant and stylish look while also covering any flaws in your body? And yes, each one of us does have some shortcomings in terms of body types, no matter how minor they are. Well, to answer the question, it is first important to understand your body type and then learn about what fabric and design would suit it the most. Discussed below are three common female body types and the fabrics and designs of saree that would suit them the most.

1.Overweight Body Type
There is an abundance of females who are overweight and do not have any idea about choosing the right type of saree. Such women need to focus on concealing their flab, and dark colored silk, handloom and chiffon sarees with broad designs and patterns seem to be the best choice for that. However, such women should completely avoid wearing saree made from cotton, net and other stiff fabrics. Overweight women wearing a net saree would look more like a cuddly teddy bear than an elegant lady with great sense of style. It is also advisable for such women to wear waist length and long sleeved blouses preferably in contrasting colors to cover their bulk and add to the dramatic appeal.


2. Pear Shaped Body Type
Women having a pear shaped body, generally have a heavier body on the lower side as compared to the upper portion. For such women the main concern is to hide their heavy bottom, which can be done perfectly by choosing chiffon or georgette sarees in bright and bold colors as they help in balancing the disproportionate portions. It is also advisable for such women to prefer small prints, beautiful borders and embroidery work. Draping the saree in the ‘seedha pallu‘ style will also help in getting a proportionate look and consequently enhance the beauty and appeal of the females.


3. Apple Shaped Body Type
Women having an apple shaped body have body proportions just opposite to the women with a pear shaped body. This means that apple shaped bodied women have a heavier bust and stomach but thin hips. Such women should opt for silk and other light fabric sarees having beautiful embroidery, sequin or bed work. Such females should avoid wearing sarees made from net or other thin fabrics as they would highlight their problem areas. It is also important for such women to wear the sarees in a simple manner and preferably have and ulta pallu along with a long blouse with a deep V-shaped neckline.

Sarees are one of the most sexiest of the outfits any woman can flaunt. All you require is the right sense of style and choice. If you go wrong at these places, then the right saree can turn wrong for you.
I would like to hear your thoughts on the different saree wrapping styles and your personal preferences. Leave your comments.

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