Relationship Status: complicated!

He loves She, She loves He; but their relationship status is complicated! This story can be heard everywhere nowadays. Thanks to Facebook, we get to know about the relationship statuses being complicated. But have you ever thought why is that so? Both love each other, still they feel that their love is complicated. I gave a thought to this issue. So, it became my duty to share it with my readers.

The reason is that one person he/she is an extrovert; such persons talk much, so whatever they have in their heart and mind they tell their partner. Their partner is an internal thinker, they mull things in their head and most of the times keep those things in their heads only. Only after much thought they will tell what actually was wrong. Both may be fine at their respective ends, but this personal nature may create complications. These complications in turn sow the seeds of conflict!
So, what is the solution to change this relationship status to ‘much in love’?
The key is communication!

By communication here, I certainly do not imply saying ‘I Love You’ to each other zillion times a day. These three words do help when you are in an argument and thus acts as a pacifier. They convey a lot, but when you are in a relationship, saying ‘I love You and I love You too’ are the easiest of the words.
So, what actually I want you to communicate with your partner?
Without qualms I agree to the fact that many a times the very task of communicating with the person you love seems to be a daunting one. You feel exhausted when you wish to communicate something to him/her. There are a few areas, where you need to be transparent and open with your partner in order to cease your relationship status from being tagged as complicated.

  • Tell what you don’t like
    Many people abstain from expressing what they dislike due to a plethora of reasons. Some feel that it might cause a negative reaction from the partner which may make things even worse. But there is an equal chance that your partner might loathe the same thing, and you can laugh at what you both hate. So, it is never a good thing to remain tight lipped on things that you dislike. If the things are the other way round, i.e. what you dislike is one of the preferred subject of your partner, then it is better to tell, so that you both are clear on where to draw the line. Being bottled up and struggling inside is never a good idea.
  • Your expectations from each other


  • Expectations, the meagre word can create troubles. If you want something from your partner, tell him/her; this can strengthen your bond to a great extend. A lot of people fail to express their expectations just because of the fear of hearing a ‘NO’. Why fear a No? Even if it is a No, you can reason out with your partner the reason behind the No flag. May be this open hearted communication brings both of you a lot closer.
  • Hesitation in asking
    This point is an extended version of the aforementioned point. We all suffer from the phenomenon of uncertainty when it is about putting across a question. But when you have doubts troubling you it is better to end up the hesitation and put forth the question. That uncertainty part will gradually convert into clarity.
  • Understanding


  • Being in love is good, but understanding each other is better. Loving a person is a little easy, but understanding the opposite sex is always challenging. Establishing an understanding is tough, but many a times those small arguments and conversations can play the trick. There is no set rule to understand a person. It always come the hard way. The moment you will think that you understand your partner fully, he/she might react in an eccentric manner, that makes you rethink what you feel. But, never forget we are humans! We can change our course, any time! Therefore, in a relationship, try to understand a person, but never fully understand them, always leave a scope for letting them act differently.

To conclude, be it your life or your relationship, inherently it is not complicated, it is you and you who insist on making it that way. Lead a life without complications, as every day of your life is a learning experience because that’s life learn it and lead it!
If, you may have more ideas on how to switch from the complicated stage to much in love stage. Feel free to speak your mind in the comments. The ball is in your court now!!

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