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Yesternight while driving back home from work, at a red light I noticed a young girl and his brother playing by the footpath “One two buckle my shoe”- a game which I used to play when I was a kid. Her mother knocking on the window of my car trying to sell some souvenir was blocking my view of her kids. On my way back my chain of thoughts suddenly took a nostalgic turn and all the games I used to play as a kid, came back as a fresh flash of light. I wonder how come we have completely forgotten those games which used to be a part and parcel of our life during our childhood days. To recapitulate those fun loving games, I thought of writing this post. Many of you may feel nostalgic while reading it, because I myself is feeling nostalgic while penning it down. Let’s reload the games:
    Catch the ball
This was our favourite game. Me and my big bro, we used to play this 10 point game of catching the ball and whosoever used to lose had to give a treat to the other one. And with proud, I have to say it was me who was there at the losing end and I have given ample treats to my brother. In fact, today also, we played the same game and the fun was just out of bonds.
    Hide and seek
Hide and seek a.k.a chupan chupai, even this name fills my little heart with fun and joy. Sharp at 5pm, we all tiny kids used to meet in the ground and play ‘dhappa‘.  See the irony of life, that time hide and seek was the game I used to love to play, but now hide and seek is the biscuit I love to munch! That’s lyf!

    Book cricket
This was an amazing game, which we used to play during the exams. Our parents used to think we are studying hard for the exams, but in the middle of the exams we used to play the divine game book cricket. In this game the page numbers used to act as score and any sort of zero at the end of the number used to make us out of the game. I have won this one a lot many times!

    Pen fight
This game used to be a religion in the school. We used to play this game to such an extend that we even asked our sports faculty to include this game as one of the indoor games for our sports day. How innocent were we! A desk and two pens used to give such a pleasure! I wonder we now also have a desk and pen, but the dynamics have changed, with work and targets being the priority instead of fun and enjoyment.
    Raja Mantri chor sipahi
I have fond memories associated with this game. We used to play this game with Mum and Paa. Post dinner, we used to have this game for an hour before we used to go to bed. That element of suspense associated with guessing who is the chor and who is the sipahi had its own pleasure.
    UNO
This card game is a favourite of our family. Although there have been years since I have played this game, I still adore it. I have forgotten a lot of aspects of this game, but I still have the bunch of this card game in my room. The cards- Wild, Skip, Reverse etc were so enticing. Miss that time!

    Name place animal thing
This game was also a religion in the classroom. I guess there would not be a single person who hasn’t played this game at least once in his life. This delightful game is one of the reasons I used to look out for atlas to learn the names of new places.
    The dots game
Remember making numerous dots on a piece of paper and then churning your brains to make a home with the doubts without giving any opportunity for the move to the other. This game used to be a treat to kill time during the not-so-interesting lectures. In fact, me and Dhruv,  have played this game a few times during the boring lectures.

This post was like walking down the memory lane. While pouring words to this post, I realised that childhood is the best time period a human gets. I hope you also revisited your ‘bachpan‘ time, while reading this post. I wish we could relive that time, but we have to move forward coz that’s lyf! That’s Lyf wishes its readers A Very Happy Children’s Day!!!

Share what you used to play during your childhood days!

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