Lessons From A Failed Relationship…

Relationships are beautiful. But when the relationship hits the rock and the two much-in-love individuals part ways, the feeling of sorrow can’t be explained in words. No doubt break ups are always painful. But even a broken relationship can teach you a number of lessons. Love is beautiful, but is not as simple as it seems to be.


If the relationship doesn’t go well; don’t lose the hope and abstain from playing that blame game. Don’t blame yourself or your Ex for the abrupt end of the relationship. Instead, analyse what went wrong, what mistakes you both did, what were the issues that caused this bad to your relationship and what you can learn from it. Your relationship must have left you devastated; in this article I am focussing on what you can learn from a failed relationship.

 The issue of space
If you believe in the ideology that true love means that 24 X 7, you both need to be together, then this is a blunder you are doing to your relationship. If you expect your partner to be with you all the time and completely forget his/her own social life, set of friends and family, then what more can you expect for. The relationship is bound to hit the rocks. Understand the fact that every individual has its own identity and hence needs some space. Let your partner breathe in the relationship; don’t suffocate them.


 Your partner isn’t your property
We live in a democratic country, hence we have the fundamental right of expressing ourselves. Irrespective of the number of years you both have spent in the relationship, you still don’t own each other. You are just committed to each other and to the beautiful feeling of love. Since you don’t own the person, you cannot make decisions for your significant person. So, don’t build any rules for your relationship, just trust your partner and respect him/her. Respect at times becomes a big issue.


 Don’t try to change your partner
Often girls tend to commit this mistake, they try to make amendments in the habits as well as the personality of their partners. They try to show them what is right and what is not, which often acts as a troubleshooter in the relationship. The thing is, even if you dislike certain habit of your partner, tell him in a mild way, so that the reaction is different. You can always make good things happen by staying calm and not reminding him again and again, about his problem areas.


 Get rid of the silly conflicts
Often the small and silly conflicts turn into an iceberg and cause your love titanic to sink. If you feel some conflict is at its start, try clearing the issue there and then. If you leave it for the future, the issue might get bigger; as both of you will pile on the stuff you dislike about each other and when you will get into the argument, the scene might take an ugly turn. To avoid such conflicts, always give importance to your love and your relationship and not to the small issues that crops up in due course.


 Let go
There comes a time in a relationship when the dynamics change and two partners change their course; that is the time when you should let go the relationship. The reason being absence of love in the love den. If you feel that the relationship is not worth your time and feelings, gracefully let the relation die its natural death. There is no point lamenting on what has gone, because what has gone is just the name sake relationship. Love had evaporated long ago.


Relationships do hold great significance in our lives. It brings to us some of the fondest memories of our lives. But it is not necessary for every relationship to reach its desired end. Some relationship ends just like that. But we need to gather the courage to overcome the pain of the broken relationship coz that’s lyf!!!

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Taniya Mittal

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    • Surbhi
      January 19, 2015

      There are a million whys that you are dying to ask him, but the big question actually is, whose fault was it really? Yours that you gave him a part of you, which he never asked for? Or his, that he did not value what you gave him? I’ll tell you. Nobody’s. You can’t go around blaming him for what happened between you two. Maybe there wasn’t a reason to break your heart, but maybe it was the best that you both could be. No matter that you had a strong feeling that you both will last forever, it HAD to end and so it did. So what if he did the honors? So what if he was ruthless about it? Maybe he didn’t deserve you. Maybe being with him for eternity would have stopped you from meeting that amazing guy who you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with. And it’s not your fault either. You loved him with every single ounce of your being, and that is what you were supposed to do. Because in the end what really matters is that you loved, no matter where the whole story goes. So why go around telling people that he broke your heart, when everything felt perfect? Why say that you hate him for what he did to you? Why say he is a ruthless asshole with no feelings? Accept what happened and smile.

    • raj awasthi
      January 19, 2015

      Since the beginning of life till death,a man has heep of wishes,very few gets fulfilled and with the passing time, same person even forgets the wish he had in past. It is not important what you get in the life ,rather it is more important to be happy,what you have in life . There is no guarantee to whom you love today you will be happy with him for ever. Many love marriages end up with a stigma. You are right failed relation do teaches some thing and make you more practical. Taniya you write very nice and there is no doubt about it. Good luck

    • abhilasha
      January 11, 2015

      let go and move on is the final step and most difficult one. But once you have reached this stage, trust me you will feel great, that you did.

      • Taniya Mittal
        January 11, 2015

        Abhilasha, I agree with you. If your relationship gave you only pain, then moving out is the best thing to do. Always remember you are worth loving only for the person who is worth keeping. Stay tuned. We are always on hunt for such valuable comments.


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