Key to Curb Couple Fights

We do hate fighting with the one who is closest to our heart, i.e our partner, yet we do end up fighting with them for one reason or the other. The reasons for those fights are myriad, ranging from small to big and complicated things. The fights are inevitable, if you both are genuine personalities; because the difference of opinions will pave a way for those nokk-jhokks. But, don’t let those wrangles cause a vacuum in your relationship. The key is to sort out the issues and clean the chaos that happens. Below are some of the ways through which you can avoid the squabbles creating the mess in your life:

  • Fighting over an issue again and again

Do you like reading one book over and over again? The answer is No. So, why you like fighting over an issue again and again with your partner? Dear ladies, there is no dearth of issues in a female mind, if you like fighting, get some fresh issues. Even your man will like it that his lady is creative enough to get something new to the table each day. Always end an issue for once and all, don’t drag it.


  • The ego game

You did that, so I am doing this!! Give me a break! If he was rude to you yesterday, is it necessary for you to be the same today; just because you want a revenge. This is the case of ego. He hurt you, so you are bound to hurt him back. Don’t hold grudges, otherwise you will be in the middle of a never ending battle. Stop ruining your today, because of something hurtful that happened yesterday.


  • Being silent

Never give this silent treatment to your guy. The reason is that guys are way too immature to reason out anything from your silence. This silence will bring more mess into your life. The better way is telling him frankly. ‘Honey, I didn’t like XXXXX thing’ instead of saying, ‘Nothing’ and being numb. If you want to make things work, you actually have to make it work!!!


  • Bitching

It’s known to one and all, that girls are the best when it comes to gossiping and bitching. But, keep this rule at bay when it comes to your relationship. Never tell your friends or anyone, about anything bad that happens between you two. Whatever happens between you two, be it good or bad, it should remain between you two only. Keep your personal life guarded. Don’t make him a villain in other’s eyes to get a handkerchief for your tears!!


  • Don’t Nag

He hates your constantly nagging nature, so stop it right away. The more you nag around, the more he will withdraw from you. If he is angry, and does not want to talk to you, keep it that way. The more you will try to make good the situation, the more you will end up making it ugly. Give him time to cool down. Also, you end up hurting yourself this way as he won’t pay any heed to your deeds that moment.


  • Don’t sleep on a fight

If you have an issue, get it sorted before sleeping. Don’t ruin the next day on the same issue, with one person trying to cuddle and the other one showing out that he/she is upset. Make up on the same day itself. Don’t prolong the silly fights and sleep with a sad heart.


  • ‘Let’s end it’

If you are saying this statement for your fights, then a thumbs up from my side. But if you are saying the same for your relationship, then my advice is, don’t play this card. Firstly, if ending it had been so easy for you, you won’t be here on this page, reading ways to keep a tab on the fights. And secondly, such statements give your partner a hint that you don’t value him/her much and makes the future uncertain.

The bottom line is you get angry at each other, you fight with each other; but still you both make efforts to let the bygones be bygones, and give it a fresh start; coz you love each other.

Happy couple embracing and laughing on the beach

Always remember, these fights are just like those spices which add different flavours to your relationship, and make it stronger. So, if you have a little spice in your relationship, don’t worry.. coz that’s lyf!!

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