I am not Proud to be an Indian. Tejas we don’t deserve you.

We Indians are so busy in talking about Kashmir, cows, Islamic terrorism, Hindu terrorism that we have forgotten that these are not the major issues concerning us but are only in part a hype created by media and politicians.

What is more important is the urgent need to change the sickening mentality that we Indians are engulfed in. There is so much of greed and lust filled within us that we are missing to grasp the elementary lesson… How to behave in a social gathering or at a social platform? The most recent event of Tejas Express Vandalism fills me with utmost shame and embarrassment. After embarking on its first journey from Bombay to Goa, the train has now reported scratched infotainment systems, broken window panes, unflushed toilets and stealing of headphones. No I am not proud to be an Indian. I am rather ashamed of it. We Indians deserve nothing more than a toilet mug; that too chained. We do not deserve high end sofa’s or infotainment systems or bullet trains at all. We need to learn the basic manners first to how to use these.


Stealing headphones? seriously?

It is the hunger for more and more; for we have been starved for so long that this hunger for more has transitioned its form into greed. A greed that is insatiable. With this greed comes the next stage of fulfilling the same by stealing and vandalism. Not understanding what is ours, and what is not. Where people are of starved mentality and malnourished thought processes, an incident like Tejas Express vandalism was all but shocking.


But who is to be blamed for this? We ourselves obviously. Cause behaving in a proper fashion is also a science which unfortunately we Indians have not been taught or if at all the little that we knew are forgetting sooner than thought.

While a lot many will not agree with this article for the sheer obstinacy of it, it is the wrong parenting to start of with to be blamed. While kids these days do know what dress and what gift they want for their birthday, they do not know the basic courtesy on how to interact socially or how to behave properly. That’s because parents these days are not willing to teach their child to behave properly because they are born geniuses now a days.

It is hence no rude awakening this Tejas incident but a very gradual move towards the more deteriorating and abashing societal behavior of Indians. In no other country will we find a small kid hurling stones at a small puppy for no reason but the sheer pleasure of it, save India. It is because this is what he learns at home. Was he not taught how to behave with animals? Perhaps yes. Because in the midst of shine and dazzle of the virtual world and superficial luxuries, the parents forgot to inculcate the basic manners and comportment. Which is again perhaps linked to them not having any, themselves.


So it all starts off with manners, behavior, conduct, demeanor and important lessons of life in our childhood days. If that can be re-winded and taught to us, we may stop behaving the way we did in Tejas Express. But since we are educated idiots and ¬†too snooty and supercilious to accept the same, we must remind ourselves, we don’t deserve luxuries like Tejas. We deserve but only chained Toilet mugs. With this shameful act, I do not wish to call myself a proud Indian, but I am an ashamed and embarrassed Indian.

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