I am a Daddy’s Girl…!!

As the saying goes, sons are close to their mothers and daughters are their father’s princess. For a girl, her father is the first man in her life; the man she always adores and keep praising till her last day. Indeed, the relationship between a father and a daughter is always a special one. From the day a girl is born, her father automatically becomes her super hero, who promises to protect her and care for her selflessly. Each and every girl wishes to marry a guy who is like her father in certain perspective. Being a daddy’s girl indeed plays an important role in a girl’s life.

Let’s deduce why it is awesome to be a daddy’s girl!!

  • Your Dad can never stay angry at you

No matter how big a mistake you commit, a genuine sorry is powerful enough to suffice everything. It is just impossible for him to stay angry at you after seeing your big doe eyes. Hence the odds are always in your favour, but that does not mean you keep committing mistakes just because his heart lies in you.


  • Your Dad is the man who always has caring eyes for you

From the moment he first took you into his arms, to the time he gets you married off, CARE has always been the keyword in his little doings. When you took your first tiny steps, he was there to hold you the moment you were about to fall. You got the Princess attitude because he raised you like a princess with all care and pamper.


  • Your Dad’s life principles are yours

If you are a daddy’s girl, you certainly must have inherited your life’s passions, habits and principles from your father. You surely idolize his ideologies and his perceptions about things and situations. You must have heard people saying,’Bilkul, Apne papa par gae hai!!’. Well, yes!!,’ Papa ki beti hai, Papa par hi jaegi’..:P:P


  • Your Dad makes you understand the traits you want in your husband

After carefully observing your Dad in life, the way he takes care of the family and ensure everything is up to the mark; a girl certainly understands that those flowery things are only superficial. For leading a good life, you need a man of character and strong persona. You indeed look for your father like qualities in your man. This way you can never go wrong with the guy. You will certainly choose a guy who keeps you like a Princess, like your father did for so many years.


  • Your Dad never made you hear a ‘NO’

Well, for daddy’s girls out there, No is always an alien and unheard word. Your daddy just could not resist not paying heed to your demands and desires. At times, a justifiable negotiation may take place, but the daughter dearest always emerges as the winner. From taking permissions for outdoor trips to marrying the guy of your choice, Daddy dearest always end up in Yes!!!

On the closing thoughts, for each and every daddy out there, ‘Daddy you are amazing!!’ You complete our life in the most beautiful and pious manner. No guy can ever take your place in our life. Your little princess will always remain that little girl who needs you in each and every square of life.


 I am proud to be a daddy’s girl coz that’s lyf!!!

Do share this article with your Daddy and put up your comments about any beautiful memory you have with your Daddy dearest!! We’re waiting!!

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    • Rajkumar
      July 11, 2015

      Very nicely and truly written to touch the heart of every father,who has a daughter. Your daughter does get angry some time once she gets old enough and when you don’t follow her orders related specially to your health (me being a diabetic) because indeed she loves you and wants you to live long. She doesn’t mind blaming even mom who sometimes becomes a little flexible and gives her hubby some sweets because she also loves her husband more deeply.


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