8 irritating statements we are tired of hearing..!!

For all the anglophiles, there exist certain phrases which we hear day in and day out. These phrases annoy us to the core, not because the person saying it is annoying, which might be the case sometimes, but because these have become superfluous due to being used excessively. However much it may be considered the “In Thing” by the GenX or GenY, which is the reason for their popularity also; here is a bucket list of such phrases which can kill any English lover.
1. Hey dude, what’s up?
Strictly speaking, this isn’t so difficult to decipher these days owing to its growing acceptability in our world. Our youth today uses it more often than needed. Sometimes, while sitting next to the dude in the metro I wonder, “dude and him; seriously, give me a break.”  But this is only half as strange for me as for the uncle sitting next to me who asks naively “What is up exactly? Fan I suppose!!”


2. Long time, no see!!
Seriously this one stabs me, butchers me when I see the raped version of English. People use it to mean it’s been a while since they have met. Though very acceptable in the spoken English, I prefer to speak sense than chase blindly the silliness.
3. Good night, Sleep tight!!
Well nothing wrong with wishing anybody good night, but why should I sleep tight? I wanna sleep relaxed and comfy. I do not want to sleep stiff and rigid. Ironically this is correct grammatically but the intention is mystified to me.
4. How do you do?
British consider this question as a sign of it being supremely urbane and the person saying it very classy. But the true response to how do you do question is not “fine” or “good” but “how do you do” in revert. So if somebody says “how do you do?” you should say “how do you do?”…Well nobody seems to answer the question!! I wonder what exactly do they want to know? How do I do what? And how does it matter to you How do I do it? Jokes apart, this one can be used as a crafty way to show how refined you are, if not anything else.

5. You’re Welcome!
You help an old aged lady cross the road, you help your mum lay the table for dinner, you help a hitchhiker. You simply help. In return, the person says that magical word, “Thank you” to you. What next? Well, You’re welcome!! But why? Why do we say it? Why welcome a hitchhiker to your place? Why would I welcome the lady who just crossed the road? How does it make me more polite by saying you’re welcome, when I hardly wanna welcome? Why not simply “My Pleasure”?  Frankly speaking there is no hard and fast rule to this and anything is acceptable as long as the message of being polite is conveyed.
6. That is so cool..!!
This is one of the safest word to use. When you’re stuck up thinking what should you reply to your best friends ugliest pair of shoes, or creepiest hair colour, just avoid any arguments with “That’s cool..”. The word cool in itself has lost its literal meaning and could mean anything in the world. It not necessarily has to have a negative connotation. For example, the new rock music is so cool and fascinating. Your aunt’s fashion sense can be cool. Your senior’s sense of humor can be cool. But there is a risk. The word may bounce back also. Wonder what will you assume when your friend says “Your girlfriend and you look cool together..!!”
7. It is so sexy..
Similar to cool, the word sexy is more often than not used injudiciously. The literal meaning of the word clings itself to the novel ways of its usage very frailly. Once used only to depict someone sexually provocative or exciting, it can now be used to any inanimate object. From your sexy heels to clutches, from the sexy weather to sexy beaches. I personally like the change as the negative undertone of the word is completely lost and it is accepted as a healthy and much vibrant remark.

8. I was like..
This phrase has no heads nor any tails. It is just modernized filler for uhhh…and ummmm…while in a conversation. You can easily catch a girl sitting next to you in dominos or a guy standing next to you in an elevator saying “ And when he saw me, I was like…” and the end. One has to wonder what was she like when he whoever he was saw her.  Grammatically, like is used in comparing something with something else or it could mean to be fond of something or someone. But these unfinished statements really hurt me and I am like…
So whatever the expression may be, whatever the thought behind the trend setting of doing things the way they are done may be, it’s your choice what you choose to do and say. Unless otherwise seriously offended, even you can play along and act cool.  Coz playing along..thats lyf..!!

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