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Tip for Romance

Valentines day is just a fortnight away. Though nothing can surpass true love, but if you feel that love is declining between the two of you, here is what you can do to revive the same.

1. Do not keep any object or item of black color in your bedroom. Red is good though.

2. Do not keep your bed facing two doors.

3. No mirror should be kept in front of your bed. a mirror by the side is great.

4. Keep the door of the washroom in your room closed.

5. Do not keep Television in your room.

6. Do not keep wilted flowers in your bedroom.

7. Keep your bedroom clutter free.

8. Make south west room of your house your bedroom.

Hoping Vastu will help you in realizing your love and romance to a greater extent.

Thatslyf has decided to give a hault on our FYI VASTU TIPS. But we’ll be back soon with something even better.

Keep surfing Thatslyf.

Till then, HAPPY ROMANTIC FEBRUARY….coz romance…well thatslyf..!!

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