First Impression for a Lasting Job..!!

If it’s your first time in a new job, you are likely to falter and err in those areas, which shall or may put you in that spot from which you should always keep away. This may be due to sheer unawareness about the office culture, or due to unfamiliar situations which usually come up in the work place alone and never in your good old college life. To avoid being labelled as indolent by your boss in the very beginning and to avoid any such misrepresentation of your calibre in the eyes of your senior, you may try out the following to prove your worth and stay far from that stigma of being the lethargic one.

1. The Negative Nancy- You are a fresh entrant in the office and are hardly aware of the methodology being followed in there. The way work is being done in your office will come to you by working in there and not by what the Naysayers say. Yes. In every office you will find some such staff that would be criticising the way the management works, the way the senior cajoles to achieve the ever unending targets and the way anything turns up in the office. They just have the negative attitude for every fresh possibility of success and achievement and try to drag down almost all the people. They have the negative outlook towards all and sundry and yet will stay with the organisation forever like a parasite, which sucks the blood of its own host. Unfortunately, the way they talk find many ears and the gang is ever increasing. The best remedy is avoiding them and moving ahead with humility.

2. The Forbidden Zone- There is always a place in office which appears to be haven to all. A place where people might be caught dozing off, or hanging out till late after lunch hours. This is a place which appears to be a den to the staff but rest assured there is no region unknown or hidden from your boss. He might not say it at first, but would keep noticing how long and how often you visit that forbidden zone. Once in a while, it is condonable and understandable, but don’t make it a temple and pay your daily visit to those grey areas. You are being watched..!!

3. The Gossip Mongers- Next only to the negative Nancy are the Gossip Mongers, who must and should be avoided immaterial of the fact you are new entrant or an old gem to the workplace. The gossip mongers attract people by the inherent nature of its name. Scientists have proved that a bit of gossip is loved by all and humans as a species are drawn towards listening to stuffs concerning others. But remember that workplace is meant only for work and no play or to kill time. Also be wary of the fact, that gossips travel faster than light and usually reach the person about whom the gossip is doing the rounds. So, one day you may end up hearing something about yourself too.


4. The Workplace Lovey Dovey- Not only because it is dodgy and distracting to have an affair going on in the office, but also it maligns your image and tarnishes the spirit of workplace. While still at work, try to stay as far as possible from any emotional linkups or controversy surrounding it. To your boss or the HR team, it sends an image of being a lubber and can seriously damage anything from your daily work routine to your promotion chances. This is perhaps the reason why most companies do not induct simultaneously two in a family as close as this.


5. The Silent Worker- The last mile is the most tiresome and often very difficult to tread. Amongst the several Dos and Don’ts cited so far, being a silent worker is also not recommended. Plenty of times people are seen complaining how much they work and how less they get recognition and how less their colleagues work and still manage to get the plaudits. The skill lies in showing off. You might be doing ample amount of work yet do not know how to bring it to light. It is important that you know your worth but it’s even more important that your firm knows your worth more than you. This does not entail shouting about your day to day task to every sundry person you see, but whenever there are matters of urgency or importance that are being delegated to you, by direct or indirect authority, you must snatch your share of limelight. It’s important to remember that where work is concerned, follow the Jungle rule- “Survival of the fittest”.

The list does not conclude here, and could include from watsapping during the office hours to being caught napping. By clever handling of both, situations and people at work and by optimum use of state of affairs, you can excel and be better off in your career path than many. Remember the good old saying, “The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.”-Elbert Hubbard
Feel free to share with us your weirdest office experiences when you were a fresher..!!

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