find the right lip color for you!!

Whenever you go to any department store, do you feel perplexed at seeing the myriad shades of lip color? You get confused as to which shade will make you glitter and which will damage your look? You desire of trying the new upbeat shades, but something inside stops you? You are just unsure about whether the shade will suit you?

A lip color plays a crucial role in defining your look. A wrong choice of lip color can bring a big blow to your entire look. It can make you look pale and even ugly and can be a big fashion error. This is the reason you need to know which shade will make you look glittery. To put a definite end to all your lip color related queries, here is my post:

    Color of the skin
Just like you pick your clothes in accordance to your skin tone, do the same for your lip color. The reason is the natural color of your lips depends greatly on your skin tone; hence picking a lip color based on the natural color is the best.

If you are fair skin:
For females with fair skin, tones should be such which brings more attention to their skin tone. Therefore, shades such as nude, pink or red must be in your kitty. Dark shades are a big No for you!
If you have medium toned skin:
For medium toned skin, the shades should be such that they bring out your skin color. So, for you, shades such as brown, pink and dark red will rock.
If you are dusky skin:
For the dusky divas there, any color will bedeck your look. Try not to go for very light shades, but almost every shade can add flavour to your wardrobe. You must try shades of purple or brown to sprinkle yourself in parties.

    Lip size
Yes!! Size matters :P, at least of the lips!!
After the skin tone, the next important point is the size of the lips. The right shade for the lips depends a lot on the size of the lips.

If you have thin lips:
For those ladies out there, who have thin lips, dark shades won’t actually work. These shades will make the lips look even thinner. Therefore, you should go for such shades which add glow to your lips. Lip shades such as pale, nude, peach or beige will work excellent in your case.
If you have fuller lips:
There is no denial to the fact that a lot of people admire Angelina Jolie for her lips. Yes! She is the diva of the luscious fuller lips. If you also have the fuller lips, then none of the color should be avoided by you in your lip shade kitty. You should try each and every shade that is present in this world. So, you can actually match your lip shade with your dress. What a great luxury you people have! Be it, red, brown, beige, pink or nude, the full palette is present for the fuller lips. However, keep a check on the skin tone before making purchases of the lip color.

    Time
Yes! Ladies the lip shade must suit the time of the day you are stepping out, otherwise you will look out of place.

If you are stepping out during sunshine:
If the sun is on, the entire atmosphere is bright, so bid adieu to the darker monotones and usher in the colors such as nude, beige, pink and peach. These light shades will add glitter to your look. If you wear darker shades during the day time, chances are that people might presume you to be some blood sucking vampire.
If you are stepping out at night:
If you are going out in the evening or night, preferably for a party, then dark shades must be your best friend. The sultry red and the luscious brown must be on your lips. These colors will add flavour to your outing.

Lips and the lip color speak volumes about women’s aura. So, never commit any sort of mistake with this part of the makeup. Enjoy the different shades of the lip colors, just as you enjoy the different moments of life.. coz that’s lyf!!
If you have some more tips for picking the right lip color, then don’t forget to share with us…

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