Life is all about positivity and growth. We are perennially seeking success and growth. Still sometimes all our efforts go in vain. Thatslyf brings to you a totally new perspective of looking at your problems. Check out these cost friendly Vastu tips for you and your loved ones’ better future and growth. FYI is back with some of the best Vastu Tips for you. Check them out.

To have healthy relation with your spouse follow these minimal Vastu tips and see the difference:

1. Pour milk on Shivalingam every Monday.

2. Disburse a few ‘Kala Til’ or Black Sesame seeds on your terrace.


3. One coconut to be placed in front of Lord Ganesha’s idol once in a week.

4. Do not keep the plant of Tulsi on the west corner of your house.

5. Make sure if you are newly married, your bedroom is in the South or South West and has a pair of ducks.

Keep reading for more such updates and your better tomorrow. We will be back soon with a new Vastu Tip for you, coz we care for your progress and growth. Happy Surfing.

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