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FYI is back with a fresh Vastu Tip for the Newly Weds. Decorate your bedroom with these easy tips at the back of your mind, if you are a newly wedded couple.

1. It is best for the married couples if their bedroom is in the South or South West. Avoid North East corner of your house for the bedroom.
2. Place your couple photograph on the North East wall of your room.
3. Place a pyramid made of glass on the north East corner of your room.


4. Make sure the walls of your bedroom are light colored. Some shades in pink or cream or white would add brightness to your life.
5. The Bed should be of wood and make sure your bed doesn’t have a bed box.
6. No paintings that depict violence should be kept in the room.

Life is beautiful, so is marriage. We just hope and wish these handy tips help you steer clear of some negativity from your life, if any. Enjoy your Conjugal bliss, and keep surfing Thatslyf.

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