F Y I: Paintings and Vastu

FYI Importance of Paintings in VASTU

1. Keep paintings of Gods or Goddesses only on your North East walls. It is the most vibrant part of the house and a place most suitable for offering prayers.


2. Keep photo frames of your ancestors only in the SOUTH walls or south corners of your house.

3. Make sure none of your photo frames are damaged or plastered by tapes. If they are, change them at once. Keeping broken items will bring rift between family members’ opinions and thought processes.


4. If you have a family portrait, try placing it on SOUTH WEST walls of your house. This brings unity among members.

5. Avoid using abstract paintings in your bedroom. It brings confusion in your relationships.


6. Put paintings depicting Hills on the South walls of your house.

7. A Picture of sunrise on the North wall of your house will bring good energy and optimism, besides helping in having good physical health.


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