Don’t Crush to death your CRUSH!

HmmmCrush!! We all have it. Girls and boys,  both are indiscriminated by this crush syndrome. But the manner in which the two handle this syndrome is entirely different. While Boys deal with it in a much unpredictable way, girls usually have a fashion that they follow. There are full chances of you saying something annoying which will shoo him instead of wooing him. Have a look at what you shouldn’t be saying:
ゆ    ‘ I am just too tired of being single’
Oh! My God, dear lady you are too tired of your single status, so pray to the Almighty to get you a guy, don’t urge your crush in this way which is too weird and indirect. Girls, Don’t get desperate over a guy. It’s a fact, guys never like girls who are desperate to have them.
ゆ    ‘I Love You’
These three words are way too big and meaningful, aren’t they? You have simply developed a crush. Maintain the dignity of a crush. It takes a little longer for love to blossom. If at all need be for you to say this love, use it as an adjective. Say, I love your hair, or I love your new shirt. Make it simple and crisp and let it be just a hint lady.


ゆ    ‘You know, I look way better than your Ex’
Are we playing some spot the difference round here? The difference between your Ex and I is that I am just way better in all the aspects, be it looks or intelligence. Hang on! Why you need to compare yourself with anyone in this world, be his ex or his friend or his sister or his mother? Remember, you are perfect the way you are! You are certainly not required to alter yourself and get into someone else’s shoes just to get your guy.  Be you!

ゆ    ‘You came in my dream last night’
Why is that every now and then he lands up in your dreams? If you say this here and there, he will never take you seriously as such one liners are old pick up lines now. Chalo, even if he comes in your dream (this can happen once in a while), tell him with great flair and confidence, so that it does not appear that you are making castles in the air.

ゆ    ‘I think we would make the best match’
Oh! You are a matchmaker too, you can predict who will suit who! Great!! Girl, keep the records straight, the more you push him into the relationship, the more he will run away from it. Don’t assert such statements which straight away points to the fact that you are forcing him to ask you out.


ゆ    ‘I dropped so many texts, still you didn’t reply’
What is this line, I really don’t understand! Why he should be answerable to you? You are nobody in his life. Pardon, if I am harsh. May be you are somebody in his life. May be you are his bestest buddy ever. However, that doesn’t make it a necessity that he replies to your every text. So, to stop giving pain to yourself, stop expecting anything from him. If you get no replies, to your texts, assume that he is stuck up somewhere, may be his cellphone is discharged or he is way too busy with his meals. If you complain to him about these issues, you will make matters worse.

ゆ    ‘You are just way too good for me’
Ahaan.. Is that so? He is way too good for you and you are not. Firstly, don’t ever think this way and even if you happen to think in this direction, don’t ever let him know this. The fact is that you have a butterfly feeling for him, so all you will see in him is just the ‘Good part’. We all are humans and not God, we do have flaws; but you can’t see anything wrong in him right now; not your mistake. (Don’t worry, you will surely see those flaws once you get too much into him :P:P). This is the reason you may start thinking that you are less. My dear girl, you are no less. If he is good for you, so are you for him. For more details, Google a term called ‘Compatability’; your doubts would be erased. Portray your confidence, guys like girls who showcases intelligence! So, girl, this low self esteem statement won’t take you far!

Well, yes! I say you should be yourself in front of him and portray your true self, but avoid the above mentioned phrases which will hit like a snag. I am also a girl, so I certainly understand what girls do unintentionally, which lands them into the trouble. Always remember, if you both are made for each other, nothing in the world can keep you both apart. This post is just a way to provide you the path to reach out to him, by warning you what not to do. May you get your love soon, coz that’s lyf!!!
Don’t forget to share your weird moments with your Mr. Crush.

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