Depression: A Cure Within You..!!

‘DEPRESSION’, the term itself brings a bundle of thoughts to one’s mind. Often this mental state is one of the highly misunderstood and unattended issues in our country. We only pay heed to the wounds that show up; and close our eyes towards such unsaid wounds. Depression, the struggle of depression; its pain; its feelings; its vulnerability is the thing we don’t even wish to listen. With one out of every four people suffering with this traumatic depression, it has become the need of the hour to talk about depression and educate the masses about the same.

  • Depression is a feeling

The mental state of depression is a rainbow of feelings such as dejection, sad, hopeless, worthless and anger. The person gets a feeling that he is good for nothing. When such feelings accumulates, the person can even reach to a situation of becoming suicidal. You may never even realize the reason for depression. Bodily aspects such as headache, fatigue, body aches and high Blood pressure may also show up because of depression.


  • Age is not a bar

If you think depression is age bound, you are certainly at a fault. There is no ground rule that depression is likely to happen in mid 30s or 20s. As per the researches, nearly 20% of teenagers suffer with depression. The young chunk of people is getting affected by depression more due to reasons such as love and career.


  • Living with depression

We all can feel pity for the depressed person; but that person, he/she has to live with this depression; which is the most daunting task. Living with this ailment day and night is not easy. Waking up and sleeping with depression, makes a person more and more empty. They feel a lack of emotions and feel incapable of controlling it.


  • Feeling of being the worst

The depressed chunks always blame themselves for everything bad that happens to them or to others. They consider themselves as the worst of the lot, because of which happiness always turns their back from them. They feel their life is not worth it and they should end it as soon as they can.


  • Small setback, big impact

For those who are in depression, even a slightest setback, can hit them hard. For a normal person, these tiny ups and downs might not even count, but for the emotionally weak persons; it can turn their world upside down. This is because they are already on low self esteem, so even a slightest blow can trigger them badly.


  • Depression- taboo!!

In our society, if someone is facing depression and seeking medical help for the same, he/ she is given sundry names and the perception of people takes a sea change towards him/her. I ask you all, why so? If we can seek medical attention for some cardiac disease or skin problem; why can’t we visit a psychiatrist to gain peace and free ourselves from unbearable depression.


  • Depression talking

Depressed people talk less and when they talk, they usually utter dialogues which are full of disappointment, which they have developed as a result of some bad incident which forced them into depression. This sickness talking is bound to happen. If your loved one is suffering from this phase, indulge in talking with them even if they talk only disappointment; this way you can help them.


  • Don’t preach heavy dialogues

Do you think throwing statements such as ‘Be happy’, ‘take a chill pill’ or ‘don’t be sad’ can be of help to the person who is fighting depression? Well, it is utterly useless. Such throw put statements never help them. I request, if you can’t say something worthy, don’t simply paste aforementioned phrases. The reason being, it’s not in their hands to be happy or depressed. Even they are not aware why they are not at peace; they keep questioning their mind about the reason for their condition. In this situation, such dialogues acts as if you are insulting the other person.


I am not a revolutionist; who wishes to bring amendments everywhere. I am just a regular person, who wishes to make this life better for others. I know the pain and suffering of the depressed souls is immeasurable; in no way I can ever write about the quantum they go through. In warm words, I just plead everyone out there to possess a sympathetic heart to these people, who do not need your lectures; but need your ears and care. If your loved one is suffering from this phenomenon, help them; get medical attention for them.

For those who are depressed, try to think about your loved ones, who do love you and for them, find a cure within you. Understand that it is you who can help yourself more than anyone else, if only you try. If you live your life happily; it’s good; but if you make others life better; well thatslyf..!!

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