Dandruff dandruff go away!

The worst nightmare any girl can have is the presence of these white flakes on the head. Dandruff, has become one of the most common as well as the deadliest of the hair problems, every second person is facing. It not only ruins the look of your hair but also affects the strength of the hair. When it is about hair, the home remedies are the ones I trust the most. Below you can find some of the most powerful home remedies which can help you do away with the dandruff problem. Have a look:
§    Curd

Curd is something I simply adore and when I found out that it is one of the best dandruff remedy I jumped out of my chair. Curd acts as a soothing agent for the dandruff enveloped scalp. What you need to do is, first grind the black pepper to make a fine powder and then mix it with 1 cup of curd. Apply it on the scalp only and not to the hair. You can leave it like that for an hour and use a shampoo thereafter for a dandruff free scalp.

§    Vinegar
Not many are aware that white vinegar is one of the best remedy for curing the dandruff attack. You simply require to mix vinegar and warm water in a bowl. The quantity of the mixture will vary in accordance with the length of the hair. Pour this mixture on the hair and after gently scrubbing it for few minutes rinse it. You need to take a normal head wash after 12 hours of applying this mixture. You can repeat this, once or twice a week depending upon the dandruff intensity. The only silver lining is that its smell will act as your soul mate until you shower again. Therefore, if you are having few consecutive holidays, vinegar is the best solution.

§    Methi seeds

If you are regular in the kitchen premises, then methi dana may not sound alien to you. If you are not that much a regular visitor to the kitchen, ask your dearest mum about methi. This is one of the easiest dandruff remedy. Simply soak its seed and then grind them to make a fine paste with water. Apply the paste to the dandruff rich scalp and leave it in that position for an hour. After an hour, use a shampoo. The dandruff will surely come down. In a matter of few such rounds, the itching dandruff will become a history. You can repeat this remedy twice a week.

§    Aloe Vera gel
Till date I was using aloe were only for the face as it has antibacterial properties and provides a different glow to the skin. Well, the aloe vera can keep the dandruff at bay if you apply it on your scalp before taking a shower for nearly 30 minutes. To augment the result you can add an aloe based shampoo, which will curtail the growth of dandruff considerably.

§    Lemon

The tangy lemon is always there to offer its services when any problem related to skin and hair is considered. Lemon can be used in a variety of forms to curtail the dandruff attack. One method is to boil the peels of lemons in water and applying the mixture once it cools down to the scalp. The other method is to mix the lemon juice with oil and then applying it on the scalp overnight. These methods can be repeated twice a week for best results.

§    Olive oil
Olive oil is one of the best thing a dry scalp can ever get. Olive oil being one of the best moisturizers can prevent the onset of dandruff as well as cure it. Just massage your scalp in circular motions using warm olive oil and keep it overnight. Use a mild shampoo in the morning. The word of caution here is that oil should only be warm and not hot. In case you forgot to oil the scalp in night, you can do it 20-30 minutes before going to shower.
Run into the kitchen and take your first step towards the dandruff free hair. Always remember that nothing can happen overnight, so don’t lose your cool and keep patience for chucking out dandruff from your hairs and life!
In case you know some more home remedies, don’t hesitate to share with us. Leave your comments!

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