celebrate the sibling love!!!

What a strange creatures are brothers and sisters! They fight like Tom and Jerry in the childhood and become each other’s best pal as they grow. For a sister, her brother is always her superhero; a guy she can trust without qualm; a guy who is responsible for everything she assigns. If you have a big brother, then you can afford the luxury of being the baby of the house. For a brother, on the other hand, his sister is her princess, a girl he can never let any harm, even come nearby; a girl for whom he can fight with any guy. If you have a big sister, then she can be your true guide at every step of life.
Today on the occasion of Bhai Dooj, we thought of celebrating the crazy yet awesome relationship of a brother and sister. We will try to explore in this post why brother and sisters are the best of friends.

    Confidant
Be it those small small naughty acts you committed in your childhood to the first secret crush or the mess you created at home, your brother/sister knows it all. But without fail, they kept those things as secrets till date, without telling your mommy and thus saved you from a good thrash. Shhhh..!!

    Protect me!
You will surely agree that your brother or sister has always protected you from the day you opened eyes in the world. Be it protecting you from Mom or some bouncer looking classmates, they were always there. Don’t you dare!
    The cutest fights!
None of you will deny the fact that you had the cutest of the fights with your siblings and you still have it only with them. These fights have always been an essential part of our life and a very important lesson of our growing up days. No matter, how much you people try, you always end up fighting with each other on petty issues. But after fighting, you can’t even stay aloof from each other, so you get back to normal. Those fights taught us the lessons of care, love and forgiveness. In those kiddish fights we learnt to give value to relationships. Go on with the fight bro and sis!!

    Trusted advices
Admit it, you trust your brother or sister the most when it comes to asking for advices at different stages of life, from opting the stream at plus 2 stage to career and job questions to love queries. You know they will give you the best word, because you know deep in your heart that they love you and always think good for you.


    Bestest roomie ever!
Siblings share the room from the childhood days. They have spent quality time together in that room, from playing together to studying together. This is one of the reasons why a brother and sister care a lot for each other. I still remember talking to my brother late at 3am for some bugging nonsense thing.

    The lesson of sharing
There is a saying, ‘Sharing is Caring’. The first lesson of sharing is taught to children during the childhood, when they learn to share their toys, books and food with their siblings. At a later stage, the same brother and sister share their life and become a pillar of support for each other. So, keep sharing!!
    Always at your side
There must have been many instances when nobody supported you, not even your parents. But the only person who believed in you and supported you was your brother or sister. Such is the relationship of brother and sister, they might show how much they are irritated with each other, but when it comes to supporting each other, they are the saviors.

Due to the rat race of getting good qualifications and jobs, the siblings these days get less of time together. Even if brothers and sisters remain apart from each other, they will always remain close together in their hearts. May God bless them both and the brother-sister bond as well. Happy Bhai Dooj!!
Don’t forget to share the fondest of memories you had with your brother/sister. We are waiting to hear some crazy stories.

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