Boys Hostel Secrets Revealed..!!

People say childhood days are your good days, but the best days of your life are the days you have spent with your friends in a hostel. Irrespective of boys or girls, Hostel is that part of life which teaches us so many things that can hardly be counted on your finger tips. Thatslyf here tries to re-live some of these hostel moments. However these statements only Boys who lived in a hostel will understand. See if you find anything that reminds you of your days spent in the hostel.

1. Kameene Khane Ka Bag kaha Hai: The very first things that we hear when we return from those two three days of Holiday at home to our Hostel. Your friends are dying to have that taste of homemade food, and knowing how clever you are, they will make a thorough search through your baggage to find that secretly hidden Maa Ka Pyar wale LADDU.


2. Friday night hai, movies kis room me hai: We know its Friday night. So, two days of weekend ahead. This is sufficient in itself for the sleep to say good bye and say hello to Movie time. But, who has the latest collection of movies? “Movie kispar hai bhai?” We all have that one friend who is forever busy with his girlfriend over the phone and ironically is the one who has the laptop and at least two hard disks of 1 terabytes each loaded with movies ranging from horror to romance to the HD quality secret folders. Rofl..!!


3. Raat ko Maggie Banayenge: You go in a market, and you find Maggie and keep it in your shopping basket. But, making Maggie is a taboo in your hostel. Who cares!! Where there is will, there is a way, and where there is Maggie, there is a kettle.!!


4. Inspection ho raha hai, Kettle chhupa de: This is a corollary to the previous one. Those ‘warden forbidden’ kettles are prone to inspection and subsequent confiscation unless we know the art of hiding the kettle in the perfect place. These could be over the false ceiling of your room or somewhere in your almirah or the already inspected room. Lmao.!!

5. Warden gaya, gana full volume kar: From Party all night to Shanivar raati mujhe neend nahi aati, it’s high time to play some high volume music. But who is this, knocking on the door. Oh it’s the warden. Time to slow down the song. Once he is gone, back to the full swing guys. Abhi to party shuru hui hai.


6. Char Bottle Vodka, Kaam mera roz ka: Do we need to say any more. It’s your roommates birthday or your crush’s breakup with her boyfriend or simply it’s an upcoming weekend we hardly need any reason to celebrate. Be it a Bak Bak Bar or a Desi Theka, Char bottle vodka, is our anthem for sure.


7. Kal tera birthday hai, Tu To Mara: It’s the most dreadful day of the year. It is your birthday tomorrow. You are all ready with the treat and other stuff for your friends but who cares where you give them a treat. All that matters is you are a dead meat tonight. Then there are those friends who will always scare the hell out of you “Bhai aaj raat ko dher kapde pehen liyo, tujhe khoob laat padne wali hai. Tu to Mara aaj.”


8. Bhai Kitna Padhega, kuch mujhe bhi Padha de: Well besides the happy go lucky days spent in hostel and among the celebrations comes a time when you have to forcefully keep your heads bowed in front of those books for which your parents put you in the hostel. And thankfully we all have that friend who has always studied throughout the year and the one who has always been the subject of our ridicule. This is the time we know how to value each and every friend. Time for some sloppy Bro-Bro dialogue. “Bhai tera bhai fail ho jayega, kuch to padha de.”


Hostel life is that part of our life without which we miss a major chunk of our cheerfulness and glee. Friends are many but Hosteliers are a few and those friends with whom we have grown up, those with whom we laugh and cry, with whom we fall sick, for whom we care selflessly, those bonds never break, never loosen up.

Three Cheers if you have had a beautiful hostel life and the friends that you made then are still by your side.
Share with thatslyf your hostel experience. We are all ears.

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