Each and every man adore us, be it our father, our brother, our friend or our partner. We are a guy’s dream when it comes to marriage, a pride to our dearest father, a smiley for our brothers, an intelligent advisor for our sister, a bestie for our friends and a solace for our children. Despite having done tremendous things for the different significant people in our life, we often have a habit of neglecting our own self. Just sitting and thinking what to write, I thought of giving time to the woman inside me and the different women who have made me what I am. I thought of giving credit to all the women on this Earth and make them read who they are and what they bring to others. Hats off to the womanhood!

    The flawless beauty
The beauty of a woman has always been the talk of the town. Agreed, we are the fairer sex and we give our guys a run for their money. But, is it that easy to portray that beautiful self day and night? The painful waxing sessions a woman goes through just to please her man are definitely not easy. But, often her man fails to recognise the efforts she puts in just to get one lovable look from her man. Start complimenting your lady, she deserves it!

    The art of forgiveness
She is a diva when it comes to forgiving. You hurt her baker dozen’s time in a day, she may get mad at you, but she will forgive you with one honest apology. The moment you take the first step, she takes two steps to bring things back to normal. Are you guys also that quick in forgiving? Well, I know the answer. But she is!
    She turns a house into a home
The warmth a woman brings to a household is phenomenal. From the first laughter, she sprinkles in her father’s home, she turns to become a playful sister for her siblings and then with tears leave her father’s dwelling. She then brings smiles to a new household and becomes the essence of a new home, where she portrays the role of a responsible daughter in law, a loving wife and a caring mother. She herself is unaware with the fact that how many lives she changes due to her presence.

    Multitasking diva
Yes! Each and every woman has this amazing habit of doing a  lot many things together. I am also a catch of this attitude. We can prepare food in the kitchen and at the same time reply to the whatsapp pings. We can get ready and at the same time console a friend on her break up. Superwoman, we are!!
    Endless to-do list
Have you ever given a thought on how many tasks a woman has to manage in a single day? Well, the list is surely endless. She is the first person to wake up in the morning, and from there her day starts with cooking for family, doing the dishes and laundry, preparing kids for school, attending office, etc. It is just amazing, how she manages to do all for her loved ones thanklessly.

    A painter of dreams
Each of us has something as our dream that we all wish to follow, be it writing, theater, dance, music or reading. Due to the dreary life, we tend to neglect what we love, but whenever we get time we do indulge in painting our dreams. She paints her dreams by either encouraging herself to do those things or motivating her kids to pursue their dreams. Only a woman has this ability to make her man’s dream, her own dream and then work towards making it a reality.
    Undying love and inclination to sacrifice
Once you enter a woman’s heart and make a place for yourself, you become the recipient of her undying love and care. A woman’s love for her parents, siblings, in-laws, friends and partner is always heart touching. Whether you ask her or not, if you need her, she will be by your side, without even thinking of her own schedule. Even if you ask her not to do things for you, she will keep doing, out of pure love she has for you, even at the cost of her own happiness. Such is a woman’s heart!
    Ability to hide sadness
She had a big fight with her man in the night and the next morning she is serving customers with a smile. She goes through a rough patch in her career, but looks utterly beautiful on her sister’s wedding. Yes, she is a woman. The way she hides her tears, her sadness, behind her smile is worth applauding. Only a woman has the ability to hit back with a smile even when her life is nothing but a misery.

Remember people, the different women you have in your life are doing exceptional things for you silently and honestly. They will never ask for an appreciation or a reward, but you must praise them. Always remember, being a woman is never easy, if she is dedicating her life to you; you ought to acknowledge. Your life is given by a woman and is also beautified by a woman. Admire her, love her, respect her.. coz that’s lyf!!

A big cheers to the ladies out there!! Woman, you rock!! Always remember, you are worth it! Start giving yourself some credit!!!
Thatslyf wishes its readers Happy International Women’s Day!!

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