Apple Siri shocked with her replies, when she was asked these questions..

If you think, your smartphone is not smart enough, check out these smart replies. You will be shocked to see how smart replies SIRI gives to some stupid, wierd, and funny questions…Artificial intelligence huh…!!

1. When Siri is Praised: Look at her vocab and humility.




2. When Siri is challenged for her incompetency at being entertaining.


3. When SIRI is asked to tell a joke…


4. When She is asked for a dance date…We wonder who could match up with her moves…


5. When being a little romantic with SIRI…She sure knows how to handle that with humbleness…



6. But if you insist a little, she might tell you her exact feelings… You and me in this beautiful world…




7. Now coz Siri is your girlfriend…you need to praise her for her beautiful voice….don’t you? But what does she have to say about it?



8. And is your assistant cum girlfriend an athiest? Check that out….




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