9 Valentine Surprises you could Give to your Girlfriend

In this rush rush and perennially busy world, there is always some time less for love and romance. In our busy schedules we forget and sometimes forgive those who forget to spice up the life with the Tadka of romance. Thankfully this year Valentines is falling on Sunday so no one can give excuse of being busy. But what if in your busy busy weekdays you forget to get her a perfect gift. Well Thatslyf is here to help you out in choosing some mindblowing gifting options.

1. A couple band /ring: Well this one can be slightly on the higher side of pinching your wallet, but who cares if it is about love. Sometimes being stupid is being smart especially if it is about love. Get her and yourself to a jwellery shop and find a matching couple band or rings. A way to show your togetherness.


2. A teddy Bear: Kiddish? Who said it? Teddies never fade and shall never fade. The soft toys for your soft other half. See how she melts in front of youreyes when you gift her a teddy or perhaps a heart shaped soft pillow. Literally take your heart out for her this valentines dear.


3. Time for a Watch: Is she always late on your dates? Do you have to wait for her for long long hours before she makes her grand appearance and grand excuses for being late? Well then gift her a watch so she cannot escape the time check maze. Raga, Fossil, Svvis, Anne Klein, Armani, there are so many to choose from. A warning here: however you may surely miss the love of waiting for her after you gift this.


4. Channel HandBag: Well not exactly Channel and not only channel, my point is gift her any range of umpteen options of handbags. Girls never have enough of Sandals and handbags, but gifting sandals is not on the list and shall never be. Hit like button below, if you understood why..!!


5. A romantic movie: So what’s new in this? Firstly a guy offering for a romantic movie is in itself a unique gesture. Secondly, don’t plan out on the usual mall. Make it a long drive to some distant open movie hall, park your car and let out the spark or simply arrange a projector an old classic DDLJ DVD and the two you to complete the day.


6. Chocolates: Hardly need to mention the benefits of Chocolates and its gifting. Just like Teddy bears, these shall never fade either.


7. A romantic song in your voice: Isn’t it a bit too romantic? Imagine you singing her favorite song in your voice and then gifting the CD to her. But here is an advice from our side to you young readers. If you are a real bad singer, refrain from gifting this to her. A warning here too: She may love it and love you even more or she may never want to hear that song again. Wink.


8. A getaway surprise tour: Surely if its been a long long work work routine, you may want a break from it. Book a resort somewhere on the city outskirts and go for a long drive with your valentine and do some adventure fun activities there. Make your valentines day fun along with romantic.


9. A wedding Proposal: This one should truly blow your head as you read this and even shall blow her mind off too. This tip is only for those guys who are really thinking of taking their love to a next new level and want to go ahead with fulfilling their desires with the other half for ever and ever. A wedding proposal will simply sweep her off her feet.


Valentines or not. Proposal day or not. Days shall pass but love will remain. The only thing that never dies is the true love between the two of you. Even if you are unable to gift her anything from above, your love for her is not bounded by those gifts. Proove your love in every day actions. Pull a chair for her in a restaurant, open the car door for her, cross the road by holding her hands, protect her in a crowded metro, call her by her nickname sometimes. Your love shows in these and not on earthly gifting.

Thatslyf wishes its readers a very happy Valentines day.

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