9 Reasons Why You Must Own A Dog

Has your life come to a standstill? Do you feel bored when you are alone? Do you always need a company? Do you need someone who reminds you every now and then that you are special? Then dear, you don’t need a valentine..You need a dog. Here are Nine such cute little reasons why you should own a dog ASAP.

1. A dog will love you more than it will love himself: It is an unsaid truth that a dog will love his master more than he will ever love his life. For him you are the whole and soul, for him you are the god, you are the creator, you are the fender and you are supreme. Ever feeling pessimistic, owe a dog.


2. A dog will make you healthy: Sleeping till late in the morning. Well you will have to say goodbye to those bad habits. All this coz you now have a good old dog with you. Owning a dog will teach you how to wake up at wee hours and smile and how to leave your cozy little comfy bed for a brisk walk or a long run with him.

3. A dog will teach you to love without a reason: Do you ever feel that people behave with you the way they do with a reason? Do you feel they shower love for a reason? Then you must own a dog ASAP. A dog will teach you how to feel loved and how to love without a reason. Dogs simply love and don’t expect anything in return. I wish we humans stop taking DOG as an abuse, rather take it as a compliment.

4. A dog will teach you to be playful and cheerful anytime: Ever wondered why your dog is pereniaaly cheerful and happy and playful. Stop wondering. It must be some Chemical Locha for sure in their brains that they do not get saddened so easily. They don’t have heartbreaks I guess.

5. A dog will show you what trust really is: having a hard time trusting somebody? Get a dog. A dog trusts you blindly. He sits as you say, barks as you say and even goes neuter his whole life, trusting none but you. He trusts you will come back to the car and take him shopping with you, he trusts you will be back home and his wagging tail shows nothing but love and trust in your love.

6. A dog will show you what loyalty really is: We hardly need to accentuate on this fact. This should have been the first point as dogs are paragon figures of loyalty. Of course with their masters and not with their bitches..rofl..!!

7. A dog will reveal the character of your guests: ever thought if the person sitting in front of you, in your house, on your couch, posing as a friend and as a well wisher is truly a well wisher or not. Well introduce your dog to him. A dog’s sixth sense is highly strong. They sense negativity, positivity, love, fear, hatred, jealousy and ego. If your dog loves your guest as much as it loves you, you are in a great company.

8. A dog will make you forgive your worries: Owning a dog brings with it loads of responsibilities apart from its hidden benefits. These concealed benefits being that a dog will distract you from your worries into another mood swing. You may either have to go jogging with him, or will have to forcefully shower love to him or will have to cook for him. In the meanwhile forgetting what you were worried about.

9. A dog will force you to move on: Had a breakup? Get a dog. May be he deserves your love more than your ex. See the difference between him and your ex. You will not only feel motivated, but also an inner feeling to let bygones be bygones and move on with you and a better partner for life.

Dogs have always been an inseparable part of human existence. Whatever breed you may like, whatever age you are, there is never a wrong time for a right decision like owning a dog. You are lucky if you own a dog, coz Dogs are Lyf. Woof Woof..!!

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