8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Heat Stroke

April has come to an end and time to welcome the most dreaded months of the year, when air conditioners and coolers seem to be the only possible answer to beat the Loo, and when doctors advice to stay indoors as much as possible. With the heat waves slapping on the face as hard as reality, how do you prevent yourself from getting heat stroke, in case you step out in the scorching sun? Well, we bring to you some tips which though clichéd yet are as effective as ever.

1. Add Liquids to your Diet: The more you keep the intake of water and such fluids, the lesser is the chance of you getting a heat stroke. Water keeps you hydrated throughout and the body gets enough water in store, for perspiration. The more you sweat, the more your body gets cooled. But this sweat should come from the excess water you drink and not from the body cells. Thus keep drinking loads of water, aam panna or coconut water and beat the heat.


2. Eat Fruits: Eat fruits that have water content in them. Watermelon, juicy mangoes and kiwis which give you a feeling of fullness and help in keeping your body temperature to a nominal low. Fruits are a natural remedy to save your skin. So, always keep a fruit basket near you this summer.


3. Aloevera vs Tulsi vs Tamarind: Aloevera juice and tulsi leaves have the same effect as water. They keep you hydrated. Washing your face with Aloevera gives you a cool fresh feel. Tamarind can be boiled in water and the water may be drained in a cup. Add sugar to the water and refrigerate it. Drink the sherbet once you come home from the scorching heat of the sun.

4. Add Onions to your Meal: Onions have moisture in them that help in bringing down your body temperature. It is therefore advisable to make onion an indispensable part of your meal. However a myth needs to be busted here right now. Merely keeping an onion in your pocket won’t help you skip heat stroke. The heat waves aren’t scared of onions, so don’t make them a piece of your accessory with your dress.


5. Say no to Caffeine and Alcohol: Caffeine and alcohol are a big no during this summer. For the same reason, as they dehydrate your body. Enough intake of alcohol makes you thirstier and lessens the body fluids thus making you susceptible to heat stroke. Same theory goes for drinks that have a high content of caffeine in them.


6. Wrap Up Perfectly: Drape yourself this summer to keep the hot waves at bay. Heat stroke is caused when it enters the body system through nose and ear. Cover them with tight clothes around your face. It serves the dual purpose of both protecting your skin from sun burn as well as from the hot waves. Another way to protect yourself is the old age Umbrella that gives you a good shade too.


7. Sunscreen is In: Though not directly linked to heat stroke, but using sunscreen daily with a minimum SPF of 15, will prevent your skin from getting charred by the scorching sun. Applying twice a day will lessen the dehydration from the skin which is 10% of the total dehydration in a hot summer day.


8. Avoid Drastic Change: You are more susceptible to heat stroke if you undergo drastic change in your environs from hot to cold and from cold to hot. Avoid such rapid switches. If you are coming from outside to an air conditioned room take some time before you enter it. Similarly switch off the AC for at least fifteen minutes prior to leaving the air conditioned room for your work, to get yourself accustomed or acclimated to the outside temperature.


These are just a few steps to help you avoid getting into trouble this summer. If however you feel nausea or illness or fever, consult a doctor immediately. Those who are on medication of any kind or have been hospitalized recently should consult their doctors before exerting themselves.

Beat the heat this summer by staying fit and staying healthy coz health, well thatslyf.

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