7 trendy blouse designs for a jaw dropping look!!

Whether it is the wedding of a distant cousin or a close friend, most of the women walk an extra mile to look stylish and elegant in the ethnic wear of their choice. Blouses not only form an integral part of almost every types of feminine ethnic wear, but also enhance the appeal and grace of the dress when designed in according to the latest trends. Given below are the seven most popular and trendy blouse designs that can help you make an impressive style statement with a minimal of effort.

1.    Full Sleeved Blouse


The traditional full sleeved blouses with embellishments on the upper arms and around the cuffs and neckline is an in thing this wedding season. These blouses look great when crafted from fabrics such as velvet net or lace.  They can be paired perfectly with a beautiful net saree in a contrasting shade or even a full twirled lehenga to get a stylish look without making the ladies feel too covered up.

2.    Boat Neck Blouse


The boat neck blouse goes perfectly well with almost any types of saree, and provides a truly exquisite appeal with lightweight sarees. The boat neck blouses can be designed with both full and half sleeves and they are a perfect choice for women with a tall frame and a long neck. They are also helpful in covering up any problem areas in the upper body of the ladies to give them a ravishing look.

3.    Vintage Style Blouses


With a high collared neck and full sleeves, the vintage style blouses make bring out the best features in any woman. The use of lace and net adds to the grace of the base fabric besides give ample breathing space to the women who adorns it. The design can also be mixed with simple embellishments and embroidery to enhance the classic appeal. These blouses look best when crafted from lightweight fabrics in pastel shades and worn with silk or chiffon sarees.

4.    Waistcoat Style Blouses


As the name suggests, these blouses are designed like a waistcoat and even come with a collar and pockets. They can be worn as a stand alone blouses or can be combined with a staple blouse to create a contemporary fusion look. These blouses look great when crafted from velvet or satin fabric and embellished with brocade. They can be paired perfectly well with both lightweight and heavy traditional sarees and heavily embroidered lehenga.

5.    One Side Full Sleeve Blouse


This contemporary style blouse offers the benefit of both a full sleeved and sleeveless blouse. This modish and hip blouse combines the two most popular styles to create a cool look. The blouse looks especially nice when crafted from printed fabrics in bright shades matching with the saree. It is generally suited to be used with lightweight sarees perfect for an informal get together, where the ladies can wear something that deviates from tradition but is still ethnic.

6.    Blouses With Designer Backs


There is a growing trend of blouses which have a simple front but an exclusively designed backside. From unique cuts across the shoulder blades to dangling dories and even large bows, ladies can choose from a variety of styles that suit their body shape. These blouses, crafted from the finest fabrics are perfect to be worn with heavy sarees or even a lehenga. They can even be decorated with various embellishments to enhance their appeal.

7.    Bikni Style Blouse


For ladies who a love the bold and sexy look and can carry it off gracefully, nothing can be better than the bikni style blouse. The blouse featuring noodle straps looks great only on women with a near perfect figure. These blouses go best with blingy sarees and are suitable only for informal gatherings where showing some skin will not raise any eyebrow.


Blouses are powerful enough to make or break your looks. Try out these designs on your blouses to get that jaw dropping look each and every female desires for. Thatslyf is waiting to hear from the readers their experiences with these designs and some new and worthy ideas for creating an unparalleled look with a blouse design.

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