7 Things Parents Do That Embarrass Their Kids

Embarrassments: Feelings that stay with us and only us for a long time. Fear vanishes, courage subsides, sadness lessens and happiness oscillates with our mood swings but, embarrassments stay as long as their memories do not fade away with time. To top it our parents make sure we have loads of such memories. Thatslyf here tries to dig at what embarrassing situations our parents put us into from time to time. Have a look:

1. We cannot keep your secret:


Okay so you did not leave the milk bottle until you were five, or you used to play some nonsensical games in your childhood that you don’t want to reveal or that you have some other odd, quirky habit or it is just some news that you want no one else to know. We are sorry to inform you that on some unexpected day, suddenly out of the blue, will your parents reveal under a veil of laugh, all the embarrassing secrets of yours to public. It may be amusing for them and also may be insignificant, but your well guarded secret soon becomes a joke on everybody’s lips.

2. We will call you by your Nick name:

It is inherently a tragedy when parents nick name their kids ‘Pappu’, ‘Monu’, ‘Guddu’, ’Guddi’, ‘Chintu’, ‘ Chinki’, ‘Tuntun’, ‘Chunmun’ and on and on but it becomes catastrophic when they call you by that name in front of your friends, teachers and Girlfriend. The latter being the most devastating of the all. Suddenly, all your classmates are mocking at you and you become that central sandbag hung in the gym that gets the most bumps of the lots. So, all the Pappus and Guddis gear up and face the world as there is loads to come yet.

3. We will befriend your teacher:


Parents teachers meet is the next dreadful thing that can happen to anyone alive. But even scarier than that is befriending of your parents with your class teacher. Now all that you do in school gets to your home even before you could reach there. You play a prank and the teacher calls your mom. However much we may try and ask our parents not to be friendly with our teachers, they have their own theory and more often than not will be anti-yours. Avoiding this embarrassment is a tough call.

4. We will show your baby pics to all:

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You are having guests at your home and the conversation takes a turn to those days when you were a baby. Comes out a big family album with all the pics from your parents’ marriage to you wearing your birthday suit. Now however much you may want to scrap that photograph, it will again crop up in some another album in some another party. What is more embarrassing is the way people look at that picture of yours and then back at you. Will somebody get me a Towel?

5. We will be too affectionate in Public:

It is that day of the month when your family plans an outing together. It may be a mall or a multiplex or a coffee house. Suddenly your mom would be so affectionate towards you that you feel if this shower of love were balanced round the year it would have been better. Suddenly, she will comb your hair with her hands or call out loud in public “hey Manu, did you pee before leaving? Its clean here, you may go.” Somebody butcher me with a dagger, if the hot girl sitting beside me heard it.

6. We will ask you to get some groceries:


Well this one is not difficult to imagine and not that intense. But, what if besides the groceries you have to get a broom for your house. Well these are not very problematic after all. But they become so, if your crush sees you holding the Aam Aadmi banner (read Jhadu) in your hand and passes a smile that drags you all the way down to hell due to embarrassment. ‘Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.’

7. We will make you Sing a Song:

Imagine a gathering of your friends, your parents and their friends and suddenly a voice says “My son sings too well. Beta, gaana gaao. (Son, please sing a song)”. Now who would tell that what pleases to you is embarrassing us to the core. Suddenly you run the engines of your brain to extract that one song which is apt for a gathering like that. Now that all eyes are on “Pappu, gana gaa rha hai, sab shant ho jao.” (Please be quiet, Pappu is singing), we understand how Aditya Kashyap from Jab We Met must have felt when he said “Aap sab aise mat dekhe, mai nervous ho jaunga”.


Whether or not these are deliberate or unintentional mistakes and irrespective of the facts that they abash us momentarily, our parents have the rights to do so. Parents shower their love and their happiness with these small gestures, that on a thoughtful perspective are cute rather than not.

This article tries to bring out the humor in those moments of embarrassment and pleads to all and sundry not to consider our parents a cause of embarrassment and hopes we will not be an embarrassment to them either.

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    • Vidhu Shekhar Chaturvedi
      August 1, 2015

      “No madam, no. No one named ‘TUNTUN’ works here. This is the American Institute of Indian Studies; not a scooter workshop, please …”, said our competent office administrator with some feeling as he proceeded to place the receiver on cradle with some force. “He does ..he does ..by GOD he does …” I screamed and snatched the ill treated receiver just in time. I had to agree with the caller, my elder cousin sister, that my nickname should be known to all and be used as my second (if possible, the first) official name. I was 44 then. Even for the generation that does not believe there ever was a 20th century I am Tuntun Mama*, Tuntun Chaha*, Tuntun Phupha* ji etc (*various terms for ‘uncle’ in Hindi, depending upon the nature and kind of relationship). I am sure in not so far future I’m gonna be Tuntun Dada** and Tuntun Nana** (** paternal and maternal grandpa, respectively). Well, I’m TUNTUN with a lot of pride and without any prejudice or embarrassment. However, that SONG EMBARRASSMENT has been the REAL embarrassment in the not very unexciting lives of Tuntun & Munmun, mainly because Munmun had a golden voice and Tuntun could play the harmonium fairly well. When, years later, the old wooden instrument was inadvertently busted during a snake-hunt both of us did not know whether to laugh or cry. I still don’t.

    • Rajkumar
      July 26, 2015

      Parents do say ,so but they never want to embarrass them in any way, it happens because of different mind set of parents and children (due to age).


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