7 Promises that will touch the heart

When two different people meet and develop a bonding that each relish and each cherish, it becomes the duty of each one of the two to promise to make that bond stronger. We marry and take seven rounds around the holy fire (read Pheras). With each of those seven rounds we make a promise. Today is Promise day and since promises form a part and parcel in love and relationship, let us each promise something with or without the Pheras to our significant other one and ask them to promise us in return these following seven promises:


1. Promise me your forgiveness: Life is like tides in a sea. Highs and lows form an inseparable part of us. There may be days when I will be upset and sad and there will be days when I will be in high spirits. Promise me you will forgive me for my unwarranted rudeness on those low phases of my life. Promise me you will understand me throughout and hold my hand as we walk through the rough patches in our path of life. I promise in return that you shall see how your forgiveness will blossom our bonding.

2. Promise me your smile: I know how you praise me when I smile. I smile because that makes you smile too. Promise me that you will keep smiling for me forever. No matter what situation may come up, no matter if I am with you in your happier days or not, promise me your smile will never fade away.


3. Promise me our friendship: Remember the time when we met for the first time. We both were shy to take it further and then gradually our bonding grew from being just friends to what we are today. With time, people change, things change but promise me our friendship will remain like it was, like it is. Coz nothing is healthier than the bond of selfless friendship.


4. Promise to Pull me up: In the race ahead in life, I may not be able to compete with the pressure. I may not be able to gather enough courage to walk the aisle all by myself. It will be your turn to pull me up. Promise me to take me with you. Neither ahead nor behind but promise to walk beside me. If I ever fall, promise me you will encourage me to rise and shine.

5. Promise to share your grief: Sometimes a test for you and at times a test for me, well thatslyf. I promise to care for you, but if I oversee sometimes, promise me you will share on your own your pain. I promise to be there for all the happiness and all the griefs you may have but promise to share your sorrows with me. Together we will sail through, I promise you.


6. Promise me timeless memories: We have spent a wonderful time together in the past and have lived and made memories. Promise me a future filled with such similar priceless and timeless memories. Time may fade away the youthful glare on our faces but promise me those memories will never lose color.


7. Promise to keep it simple: Of all the complications that we have in our life, the least we could do is an attempt to keep our relation and our bond straight and simple. No big wishes, no big dreams, no fears, no aspirations, no demands, no complaints, no mistrust and no qualms. Promise of just you and me and a simple plain salted life.

People run from promises. They think it binds them in so many difficult shackles that they feel difficult to breathe under the burden of it. But today is Promise day and let’s make sure this day we do not tie anyone under any obligation. This promise day promise that all the promises that we make today will be selfless and will be for nurturing our relationship with that significant other half we have in our life.
Thatslyf wishes its readers a very promising Promise Day..!!

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