10 Things Bankers Can Do In This Long Weekend

So after a long wait a long weekend has come that won’t last long if we do not long for fun. So what if everyone is saying Banks are closed for four days in a go. So what if four days holidays is making news headlines. Four days of holidays, four days of bank closure, no customer, no jhikjhik, no kichkich, no new meetings, no new trainings, no new government scheme implementations, no customers, no passbook updations, no premium account openings.

Though not limited to only bankers, the extended weekend can be enjoyed by all and sundry (No sundry accounts here). Here are a few tips that you can use to make your weekend refreshing.

1. Get your Car Serviced: Okay so Eid, Christmas, Saturday and Sunday add up to four long days of happy go lucky days. You have all the time in the world away from office. Your daily plying to your work has taken a toll on your dear car. Take it to a service centre ASAP. Soon anyways you will be running her only on odd or even days or as Mr. Kejriwal may think fit.


2. Get your haircut: This one goes for the likes of me who have time for everything but their self grooming. Besides your car, this is another area that needs servicing. You do not wish your boss to tell you to trim the grass growing on your forehead. Time to move your butt and head for a clean and a dapper look.


3. Plan a little long Road trip: It’s been a while you have not gone on any outing. The farthest you went was the wedding of your friend on a farm house on the outskirts of Delhi or Mumbai. Plan a trip which is a little farther ahead. Why not Jaipur, Udaipur, Mountabu, Gowahati, Panchwati or the best…GOA. A lot many small places like these are a treat to the eyes and are soul refreshing. Go, Go, Go.

Road Trip in a Convertible

4. Show your pet to the vet: Okay, so you cannot go out on a long trip because you are the proud owner of a pet. He must stay and so must you. Never mind. Time to take out some time for him. Love your dog, play with him, take him to vet, get him vaccinated, or regular checkups. See if he is overweight and then increase the time you play with him. Reduce your as well as his belly this weekend.


5. Catch up with old friends: Your school friends are in the same town as you are, but hectic job schedules and small weekends prevent from catching up on them. Well then, it’s the perrrfect time for you to catch up on them. Plan a meeting on some old coffeeshops, movies or shoppings. Time for the old chats to be relived and enjoyed.Friends-old-ladies

6. Shopping for the upcoming friend’s Wedding: so what it is December and marriages are over. Soon another month is waiting with a bunch of friends, some bachelors, some bachelorettes waiting to being slain. Your facebook wall will soon be flooded with another round of marriage and honeymoon pics. Go shopping with them, spend some quality time.


7. Catch up on all the DVDs pending from long: Oh, how could we forget. There are a bunch of movie DVDs that are pending to be seen. Haven’t even caught up on some seriously good goose bumping movies of all time.


8. Learn to Cook: This one is direct from heart, sorry from the stomach or from wherever you girls like to understand. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so make your hubbies, your boyfriends, go all gaga over your cooking skills. If not atleast the perfect round chapattis then at least the perfect Dal Makhani can be served. Yumm..!!

Three little chefs enjoying in the kitchen making big mess. Little girls making bread in the kitchen

9. Pursue your Hobby: Four days are less, if hobby pursuing is the case. But in the least you can catch up with your long forgotten hobby. If singing is your hobby, sing as many songs as possible. If playing tabla is your forte then play it so that the neighbors also come to know of the hidden Zakir hussain in you. If writing is your hobby, then write like I do, in my spare time. If reading is your hobby, then please scroll through our other articles on the website. Play cricket, football, videogames, drive, party, go nuts. Just follow your heart.


10. Sleep: This ought to be the number one point if my opinion mattered. But the point why I chose it to be the last is, because if this is what you desire to do this weekend, at least you would have read my whole article before clicking on this idea. So go and get yourself some good sound sleep.


But before you leave, do not forget that you can now rate us on a scale of one to ten. Please share your ideas on how you are going to spend your long weekend this time on Thatslyf with us.

Thatslyf wishes all its readers Merry Christmas. HO HO HO..!!

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